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Problem with xfs (an excuse)

On  Mon, 2 Feb 1998 14:16:34 +0100
Wojciech Zabolotny <wzab@ipebio15.ipe.pw.edu.pl>

> Last time I have noticed a strange behaviour of xfs on my Linux box
> (debian 1.3.1r6)...
>  Additionally I'm looking for any reasonable source of information
> about xfs configuration file and command line options. I can't find
> any in my system (well, I'll try to download the source of xbase, may be
> there is something...)

The "lack of information" was caused by setting MANPATH to
'...:usr/X11R6/man:...' instead of '...:/usr/X11R6/man:...',
but rest of the problem still exists...

					Wojtek Zabolotny

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