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Re: Netscape doesn't work (libc5/libc6)

hermit@BayView.COM (William R. Ward) writes:
> I'm running hamm and I can't get Netscape to work.  I know it's
> probably a problem with libc5 vs libc6, and that I probably need to
> reinstall one or more libc5 files, but I don't know which ones!  I ran
> ldd and strace and the output is attached here.  I just don't know how
> to read the output of these programs in order to find out what to
> install.....
[snip output of ldd/strace]

Turns out that the problem was fixed by some combination of:
  1. Re-running ldconfig
  2. Removing $LD_LIBRARY_PATH from my .cshrc

Thanks to those of you who had suggestions ... if you are having
similar problems, try these two things.


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