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Re: netscape 4.0 can we get just navigator?

On Mon, Feb 02, 1998 at 08:18:29AM -0600, servis@purdue.edu wrote:
> On  2 Feb, Andrew wrote:
> > 
> > I downloaded the beta version of the browser, and liked the new look &
> > feel. However, it said it had expired, and wouldn't allow me to link
> > anywhere but netscape to download the new version. I'd like netscape 4,
> > but I'd also like to avoid the 10 Mb download and especially the huge
> > expanse of disk space Communicator will take up with things I'll never use
> > (like the mail and news readers, for example). Can you install the browser
> > only, or must one go for the entire kit and caboodle (if so, I think I
> > might stick with netscape 3)? 
> The linux 2.0 browser only is in
> ftp://ftp.netscape.com/pub/communicator/4.04/shipping/english/unix/linux20/navigator_standalone/

I thought I downloaded the browser only (no news/mail) from something like:


but it might just be my warped and twisted mind :-)


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