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RE: extremely off-topic: help

Actually, my Debian box comes up with a Mac startup screen (animated 
loading bar and all), while my home box has the Linux95 startup screen... 
Keep 'em confused!

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On 01/30/98 at 05:16 PM, Craig Sanders <cas@taz.net.au> said:

>i (foolishly) agreed to re-build a win95 system from scratch for a
>friend.  this process is annoying the hell out of me because you have to
>hunt all over the damn net to find the damn CDROM drivers which Microsoft
>don't bother to include on the OEM install disk (yes, i am building this
>with legit disks - they came with the system when it was bought).

But Win95 is supposed to be Plug-N-Play.  Easy to set up.  Just install
the CD and get a cup of coffee.


Oh, I needed a laugh.  I've fought with Outlook97 all day.  Nothing seems
to be named the right name.

>anyway, for this and for other reasons i want to replace the startup
>screen with something a little more interesting.  i remember seeing one
>about a year or so ago on some anti-MS web site which was the same clouds
>and w95 logo but with flames and smoke trailing it plus the words "crash
>and burn".  this seems to be a very appropriate startup screen to me.

>anyway, what i want to know is where can i get this graphic as a startup
>file.  i've found a jpeg of it, but i don't know what tools to use to
>convert it to whatever bitmap format the startup screen is.  clues would
>be appreciated.

Well, I used WINLOGO.  I have the ziped file still on my hd.  If you want
it email me and I'll send it.  Many 3.1 boxes left my home with an OS/2
start screen ;)

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