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Re: procmail and folders

On Mon, Feb 02, 1998 at 05:13:36PM +0200, Catalin Popescu wrote:
> Thank you to everybody answering my question on procmail and smail. I've
> put the files .forward and .procmailrc, modified the USERNAME to my
> usernaname (ie cpopescu), but it still does not work. Do I have to create
> the files where procmail is supposed to save the incoming messages? Is
> there something wrong with permissions?

Don't know if you're interested in this input, but if you use
sendmail instead of smail, it can just automatically use procmail
to deliver mail.  Thus, you don't need a .forward file at all.
You just have to make sure that procmail is installed and deliver
is not when you install sendmail.  Then sendmail will configure
itself to use procmail for all local mail delivery.

Configuring sendmail can be a bit of a bitch, but I found it to
be quite manageable this last time around, because
/usr/sbin/sendmailconfig, which is run automatically when
sendmail is first installed, asks relatively intelligible
questions, explaining each as it goes, and creates sendmail.cf
for you.  Even better, it actually first creates a file called
/etc/mail/sendmail.mc, which is a handful of m4 commands that are
used to create sendmail.cf.  But the sendmail.mc is a much more
human readable (and WAY shorter) file.  So if you want, you can
easily quickly modify stuff in the sendmail.mc file to try stuff

   good luck!

   - rick

Richard Kilgore                     |  rkilgore@ece.utexas.edu
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