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Re: Need help

Alealynn@aol.com wrote:
  >Hi My name is Linda, I need some help with my Brother HJ-400 inkjet printer
  >I downloaded it like I was suppose to...but it still won't print...I need to
  >know about
  >what kind of cables....and drivers I might need.This printer says it Apple/
  >IBM comp...  I have a COMPAQ Presario V-410......2200.....I tried everything
  >nothing seems to work....Please! if you can give me some idea what I need to

First of all, we assume you're running Debian Linux (seeing that you're 
posting here);

  which version of Debian have you installed?
  have you recompiled the kernel?
  if so, did you include support for a parallel printer?
  has your printer got a parallel or a serial interface?
  what printer software have you installed?
  what commands have you used to try to print?
  what device names did you use?
  did anything at all happen, or just silence?

Basically, you must give more information or we can't help you.

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