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Sound Card Opti 931

I recently bought a system (Intel Pentium, 166 MMX) and it has a Sound
Card that seems to be an OPTi 82C931. (At least that is how the
software in DOS sees it and how Win95 detects it.) I guess Trust
Computer Products resells OPTi sound cards, because There is an (extra)
Trust label on the installation disks for Win(3.11/95). When I configure
the kernel for normal sound blaster, 16 bits audio doesn't work. Well
then, why not compile it for MAD16? After doing that, it didn't work at
/usr/src/kernel-source-2.0.30/drivers/sound/mad16.c seems to support cards
up to 82C930. Does anyone have suggestions?

Maarten Bezemer

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