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Re: Out of ideas with ppp

Jeff Gutliph <mr_g@bellsouth.net> writes:

> Hi,
> I've been trying to get PPP to work by following the PPP How-To. I
> called my ISP and got the required info. When I asked about PAP they
> didn't seem to know what I was talking about. So, I assume they don't
> use PAP. 
> Connect NAS45ATL-N line 3
> User Access Verification
> Username:
> Password:

You seem to have figured out what needs to be done to start up ppp on
your ISP - why don't you try the supplied debian pon and poff
commands?  You need to change /etc/ppp.chatscript to suit your needs,
(change the phone number, user name, and password - don't forget to
change the "ogin" to "name") and then try "pon" as root.  You can then
turn ppp off with "poff", and can add any user you want to be able to
turn ppp on and off to the "dip" group.  You may want to check that
the device listed in /etc/ppp.options_out is correct.  (but I think it
is /dev/ttyS1 by default)

I suspect that the problem you're seeing may be caused by not putting
a "noipdefault" option into the line that starts pppd  (I think that
the HOWTO assumes that this option is already in the /etc/ppp/options
file) - in any case, though, the debian commands are easier, and
/etc/ppp.options_out has sensible defaults for most dialup ppp users.

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