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Re: Installation Question (IBM TP 560)

"David E. Scott" <DaveScott@1000islands.com> writes:

> Justin,
> 	I hope you get an answer to your question: I've been battling for
> several weeks to get a Linux partition up that will boot when the IBM
> boot manager is used to select the linux partition, but with Debian, I
> get the same result you report.
> 	I've been able to install RedHat without any problems unless I tell it
> to write the MBR. 
> 	Big mistake: after that, I could not boot my first partition - my
> Win95B/fat32 partition. My local linux guru located an undocumented DOS
> fdisk switch (fdisk /mbr) that cleared the problem, saving me having to
> reformat and reinstall all my Win95 software.
> 	I've been real unwilling to mess with the linux stuff since then.

I've used the OS/2 Warp 3.0 Boot Manager with Debian for over a year now.
The trick is to put the linux loader to the boot block of the Linux root 
partition by putting the command 


where /dev/hdNUMBER is your the aforementioned root partition in the file
/etc/lilo.conf and running lilo.

/Tommi Kääriäinen/

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