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Re: nslookup: unexpected results

Maurizio Marini <maurizio.m@provincia.ps.it> writes:

> > edu
> nslookup try to resolve edu (or any othe d1^ level domain)
> appending your default domain to edu:
> edu.aaa.bbb.com does not exist
> So, you have to close edu with a dot:
> > edu.
> and you will get what you expect to get.

No, this is the correct behaviour. See the DNS-HowTo. Here is an extract:

DNS is a hierarchical system.  The top is written `.' and pronounced `root'.

       $ nslookup
       Default Server:  localhost

  Start asking a root server.

       > server c.root-servers.net.
       Default Server:  c.root-servers.net

  Set the Query type to NS (name server records).

       > set q=ns

  Ask about edu.

       > edu.

  The trailing . here is significant, it tells the server we're asking
  that edu is right under . (this narrows the search somewhat).    


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