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Re: New Smail, how to use offline?

Martin Bialasinski <martin@internet-treff.uni-koeln.de> writes:

> > Other thing is that it seems to do a DNS lookup on every from address,
> > and since my from contains brick@cryogen.com, this can't be done when
> > I'm offline.  So if I can get this fixed I think I can use the newest
> > smail again...  Any suggestions?
> I don't have any problems with it.
> Did you complete smailconfig during upgrade?
> In /etc/smail/config there should also be the lines:
> -smtp_hello_verify 
> -smtp_hello_verify_literal
> With these you disable the hostname verification.

I had another thought about this and I believe you are right.

I noticed that fetchmail got slow, but I didn't associate this with smail.
But xconsole shows, that during fetchmail my local caching only nameserver
learns hostnames.

So despite turning of this feature, smail *does* check the DNS. I'll have
another look at this and will probably file a bugreport.

BTW: which package has libpcap ? This one is missing in tcpdump's "Depends:"
line. Another bugreport I guess.


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