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Re: Why /floppy -- why not /mnt/fd or something?

On Wed, 14 Jan 1998, Daniel Martin at cush wrote:

> Peter Prohaska <reax@muc.de> writes:
> > why `/dev/fd*'s are mounted at /floppy.
> >  When reading fsstnd, you would expect them to be mounted in
> > /mnt/someting.  Since /floppy is neither one of those un*x shorties nor
> > used during installation I can't see why it lives on the root.
> The floppy drive not used during installation?  Depends on how you
> install.

I use floppy installation but I don't use /floppy. I assume the floppies 
don't actually get mounted during installation, so you have to type /dev/fd0.

But I do like /floppy as I don't normally cd there, but I can type /f<tab> 
and that's it. I'm careful to preserve unique first letters for all the 
frequently used top level directories. In fact, only /bin, /boot, /lib and 
/var don't work this way (thanks to lost+found and the kernel link).

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