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emacs, X, and Alt key

I just installed Debian 1.3.1 on my Pentium-133 machine.

I used dselect's FTP mode to install emacs-19.34, X, and AfterStep.
My problem is that *neither* `Alt' key is being interpreted as `Meta'
by emacs.  AfterStep's `Alt-Tab' combination works well enough to switch
between windows.

I much prefer `Alt-x' to `Esc-x' as a means of entering an emacs command.
But the `Alt' key is not functioning as `Meta'.  Has anyone else seen this
behavior?  Surely it should not be the default behavior, but I have done
very little customization and am inclined to suspect that it is.  Yuck.
I would appreciate any assistance.


Thomas E. Vaughan                                tvaughan@mail.diac.com
1634 S. Memphis St., Aurora, CO 80017                    (303) 750-7864

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