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Re: Segmentation fault

Catalin Popescu <cpopescu@snow-white.univermed-cdgm.ro> writes:

> Dear folks,
> I am quite a begginer of Linux but I enjoy it very much and I really 
> appreciate this list. 
> I have a small problem: after trying to install gopherd*deb,the installation 
> of  which I unfortunately stoped presing Ctrl-C, I found that I cannot 
> longer read my man pages. Every time I type man .... (man man, man ls, 
> etc) I get "Segmentation fault".
> What am I supposed to do? I've already reinstalled the man-pages but it 
> still does not work? The system  is otherways working fine (IMHO).

The index files of your man database have been corrupted  (it
happens).  Re-create them by running "mandb -c" as root.

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