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diald problems

I'm trying to get diald working and am having some problems.  I have a
working ppp connection using the pon, poff scripts.  I installed diald and
configured the /etd/diald/diald.options file and rebooted to test.  It
wouldn't dial my modem.  Turned on the debug options in diald to try to
get a hint at the problem.  What happens is an IP datagram triggers diald,
which then runs its connect script.  I have diald connect set to
/usr/bin/pon.  At this point there is an error, 'modprobe can't find
module ppp0', and the connect script fails.  

I have ppp compiled into the kernel, not as a module so I really don't
understand this error.  I carefully recompiled my kernel a couple of times
to verify that ppp is compiled into the kernel and I'm sure that it is.
Looking at dmesg output, I see the following:

 PPP: version 2.2.0 (dynamic channel allocation)
 TCP compression code copyright 1989 Regents of the University of
 PPP Dynamic channel allocation code copyright 1995 Caldera, Inc.
 PPP line discipline registered.
 SLIP: version 0.8.4-NET3.019-NEWTTY (dynamic channels, max=256).
 CSLIP: code copyright 1989 Regents of the University of California.
 SLIP linefill/keepalive option.    

This should indicate ppp support in the kernel, right?  But I still get
this error.  Any ideas?


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