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Re: ms exploer anyone?

On Tue, 6 Jan 1998, Paul McDermott wrote:

> hi everyone, happy belated holidays.  Has anyone got the new micro$oft
> internet explorer to work yet.  Does anyone want to?

I never knew such a beast existed. I'd give it a try as I'm only using
Netscape because it works.  I'm using 3.01 with bo and hate the way you
can/can't manage bookmarks.

> Please don't flame me.  I hate micro$oft and especially that bill guy who
> runs it about as much as the next debian user.

hmm.. I haven't gotten around to hating Microsoft yet.

My list of things to do is:
1. Get IP-Masqerading working properly
2. Get news working properly
3. Maybe move to Mutt from Pine
4. Give up smoking
5. Hate Microsoft

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