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Re[2]: Quick Question

     OK Sten Anderson;

     Thanks for the idea, how would I copy the disks from the cd to the
     hard drive?  Or can I tell LILO to boot the cd files?  I am assuming
     that the cd has anything I would need to get this to work.  Also, just
     for kicks, is there a way to just get the boot image from the cd and
     put it onto the hard drive from Slackware?  I know that this machine
     is hard to do this with but I figure that once I have Debian installed
     I can update it from that point on and not have anything to worry

     Brian Schramm

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Subject: Re: Quick Question
Author:  dg@bingo.baynet.de at INTERNET
Date:    1/2/98 4:47 PM

On Fri, 2 Jan 1998, BRIAN SCHRAMM wrote:

>      I have a Slackware 2.0 system that has no capability of running a
>      floppy or booting from the CD-ROM (Sound Blaster Pro16).  I would like
>      to update it to the newest (1.3) Debian release that I have so my main
>      machine and my server (this machine) has the same system.  Keeping in
>      mind that I cannot boot off of anything but the hard drive (SCSI) how
>      do I start the install?  I do not have DOS on this machine at all.

Hi Brian!

AFAIK you need at least a bootable floppy drive *OR* a bootable CD-ROM
drive (such a thing is common in newer PCs) to install Debian GNU/Linux.


Daniel Gross

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