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Re: pppd -- Sorry - this system lacks PPP kernel support

On  4 Jan, Robert D. Hilliard wrote:
> This sounds like a bug to me.  Does anyone here understand why pppd
> would give such a deceptive error message?
> Kirk Hilliard
> (using my Dad's account since ghoti.com is still down)

I got this message when I first compiled PPP as a kernel module.  Since
ppp.o depends on slhc.o and bsdcomp.o, if module dependencies aren't
set up correctly, modprobe will refuse to load it.

The best way to find out is simply to do "modprobe ppp" as root... if
it fails, then try editing /etc/conf.modules and uncommenting this line:

#depfile=/lib/modules/`uname -r`/modules.dep

It says not to do this... but it made my modules work and I've never
had any problems since.



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