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pcmcia-cs 2.9.12-1

Hi, people,

I have installed Debian 1.3 (stable dist) on my notebook 
Olivetti Echos P100E, with PCMCIA xircom Cem2 28.8

This pcmcia is not recognized by debian 1.3.
So i search for someting more recent on www.debian.org.

I downloaded pcmcia 2.9.12-1, that requires lib6c

I would know if same pcmcia-cs release less recent (i would not
install lib6c instead og lib5, i tried to do this without be able to do)
could recognize my card, supported by lib5c.

thnx in advance.

Best regards by                                          /////
                                                        ( o o )
-=----[ maumar.NOSPAM@provincia.ps.it ] ------------oOOO--(_)--OOOo-=-
   Gauls! We have nothing to fear; except perhaps that the sky may fall
   on our heads tomorrow. But as we all know, tomorrow never comes!!
	-- Adventures of Asterix.

                      Maurizio Marini 
              Amm.ne Prov.le di Pesaro e Urbino     .oooO      
                     tel. +39(721)359390             (  )     Oooo.      
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