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Re: Linux article in Sunworl

	Incase any of ya'll care, in my inexperienced opinion. Debian is
definitely the best distribution. :). I tried Slackware, which as
mentioned, was very difficult to maintain and upgrade, eventually I gave
up. I tried RedHat which was easier, but wasn't quite as configurable. Then
I tried Debian.... Which has just been great, and i'm going to use it until
something better comes out!
	One thing mentioned in the article was that Linux [supposedly] didn't
scale easily, and hence was not very good for enterprise level stuff. Yet,
I seem to remember reading in either the linux or debian FAQ that it scaled
very well to multiple pentium processors...... What's the real scene with
its scalability?


>The other problem was that they'd compiled and installed mySQL
>themselves, and forgotten the & on the line in the script to load it,
>so it seemed to hang. Of course, Debian does all this for you, so no
>I took the opportunity to bag Slackware. (They are NT and Solaris
>people anyway.) Slackware seems to be to me almost unmaintainable;
>removing software completely is difficult, worse than Windows possibly.
>Although it's possible that Solaris people are used to installing
>additional software from sources anyway, so it isn't an issue.

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