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Re: Linux article in Sunworl

On Sun, 4 Jan 1998, Timothy Hospedales wrote:

> 	One thing mentioned in the article was that Linux [supposedly] didn't
> scale easily, and hence was not very good for enterprise level stuff. Yet,
> I seem to remember reading in either the linux or debian FAQ that it scaled
> very well to multiple pentium processors...... What's the real scene with
> its scalability?

That comment in the article is what prompted me to educate the author.
Linux does in fact support multiple intel processors.  A multiple SPARC
processor kernel is in the works, I saw a dmesg output that someone posted
in the kernel developers mailing list a while back. 

That comment of "does not scale well" kind of chapped my tender parts.

I think the author must have been reading old 1.0 documentation.

George Bonser 
Would you buy a car with the hood welded shut? 
Debian/GNU Linux ... the maintainable operating system.

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