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Re: libc6-dev and kern-source-2.0.33

On Sun, Jan 04, 1998 at 01:29:20PM -0500, Jim Foltz wrote:
> libc6-dev depends on either >= kernel-source-2.0.32-2 or
>  >= kernel-headers-2.0.32-2 or greater, neither of which are
> available. But, I have the Linux kernel sources for 2.0.33. So, I made
> a kernel-source-2.0.33 package with make-kpkg kernel_source and
> installed it -- thinking this would clear up libc6-dev dependency on
> kernel-source 2.0.32, but it did not.
> Why didn't installing my own custom kernel-source-2.0.33 package clear
> up this dependency problem?

	Because libc6-dev explicitly needs headers from
	kernel-source-2.0.32 -- that's the package name,
	not including the version number.
	Try using kernel-{source,headers}-2.0.32.

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