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Re: Pine, and Rxvt.

On Sun, 4 Jan 1998 10:11:37 -0500 (EST) Jean Pierre LeJacq
<jplejacq@quoininc.com> writes:
>On Sun, 4 Jan 1998, Kevin J Poorman wrote:
>> Got 2 questions ... When I start a Rxvt in my .xinitrc file like 
>> rxvt -fg grey -bg black
>> it will come up fine but it will not run pico or clear the screen
>> 'clear'. when I try and run pico I get the following error: 
>> database in inaccessable"
>> and typeing clear brings the responce of "'xterm-color': unknown 
>> type" ... (They seem to be related ...) How can I go about fixing 
>It appears that your terminfo entry for rxvt is not correct.  First
>make sure that all the files in /etc/terminfo are accessible.  You may 

I have the Rxvt and Ncurses files both from HAMM as of a week ago...
Where is the terminfo file located../etc? ... when I do a set | most  it
lists TERM=xterm-color ... is this right ... I don't know if I even have
a true xterm package installed ... could this be the proble ... (Maybe a
libc5 based xterm and a libc6 based rxvt conflict??) ... sorry I'm not at
my computer to look at the xterm/terminfo stuff ... Any other Ideas?

>want to upgrade your ncurses packages.
>> Also when I start pine I get the following error warning "Can't open
>> mailbox lock, Access is READONLY" and "Folder Inbox is opened with 2
>> messages READONLY"
>Do you have another pine process accessing the same mailbox?

Nope. I think it could have something to do with permissions ... what
should the permissions be on the mail spool /var/spool/mail/ewigin/*

>Jean Pierre
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