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success story

Hi Debian Friends,
this is just to report a successful Debian installation on a low memory
I am successfully running the Debian base package, PPP networking and
X11 base packages downloaded from the latest distribution. The
kernel have been compiled by myself configuring as many modules as
It it running on my old-fashioned notebook AcerNote 730i with a
monochrom display, 4 MB main memory and 60 MB partition for LINUX. 

Without starting daemons the kernel boots as fast as DOS. Running
PPP on the serial interface connected by a nullmodem to another LINUX
box works as well as connecting to my internet provider. 
Xserver runs as well locally as remotely, mounting devices via NFS,
telnet, ftp, ... works fine.

My thanks to the developer of this great distribution
Gerhard Tonn

PS: This is the third distribution I have tried.

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