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Re: EQL - all traffic is via ppp1

>> > I have a fairly urgent need for load balancing two modems, but eql just
>> > does not work for me.  All the bits are in place but all traffic goes
>> > ppp1.
>> >
>> You must make sure that the hardware at the other end of the connection
>> will also support load balancing (i.e. it must be a linux box, a
>> Livingston port master with both connections on sequential ports, or
>> accounts running SLiRP).

Hello Lindsay.  Just wanted to say that I've just begun "playing" with EQL
as well.  I've been meaning to do this for the past year or so, but never
got around to it...  Anyway, after a few hours, I do have everything working
and everything is great - except for one thing.

While my end will send data out both ports just fine, I only get data back
from my ISP on one of the ports (or the other).  It seems that I'll get data
on one port (the first I brought up) for a random time and then it will
switch over to the other / another port and data will come in from there for
a while until it makes another change....

My ISP has a Livingston PM3 (which is supposed to work with EQL), and it
*does* seem to work - except for that one (and, unfortunately, very
important) thing above.

With two modems, I get about 5KB/s via outgoing FTP, but I only get about
3KB/s via incoming FTP.  (Even with this problem, I get better performance
than with just one modem because all packet ACK's will go out the "unused"
port which allows the FTP data stream to continue uninterupted.)

Anyway, if you (or anyone) can help me out, or if I can help you out
further, please let me know.  I'd be happy to share more details if


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