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Re: X and text consoles - switching back & forth?

On 3 Jan 1998, Torsten Hilbrich wrote:

> William R Ward <hermit@BayView.COM> writes:
> > Ahh, thanks!  That works!  Now what if I go to F2 and run another X
> > session.  The original one will still be on 7, and the new one on
> > 8??
> X will always use the next free virtual terminal.  If you use 6 getty
> process to get login prompts on the terminals F1 to F6.  The first X
> sessions normally goes to F7, the next one to F8.

Yes, but you must specify a different display number if you start X two
times. The first one is display :0, so the second one can be :1.

<switch to console 1>
$ startx
<X starts on console 7>
<switch to console 2>
$ startx -- :1
<another X starts on console 8>

You can run as many X sessions you want like this, just as long as the
/dev/tty?? files (with ?? being a number from 1 to 63) exist for the
consoles you want to use. Just remember that every X session uses a lot of


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