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good afternoon!

i have been lurking here for about a month and find this an amazing list.

i brought up bo on a P83/40mb gateway box with vlb. i am not in a hurry
and want to really learn un*x this time. at this point, the machine runs
the base system and can print. it has a bus mouse, so i need to do a
kernal. i guess that is next (if i can find the kernal source on the
cd...) then the plan is to connect with ppp to my isp, and finally to bring up

one simple question: is there any filter with some laserjet4 support
as far as point size and fonts in pcl?? am using magicfilter as was
suggested a few days ago.

thanks. any comments or suggestions on what to do next are most welcome.

happy 98


Dave Mallery... dmallery@cia-g.com
amateur radio K5EN
PO Box 520; Ramah, NM 87321

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