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Re: X11 and mouse

On Fri, 2 Jan 1998, Greg Norris wrote:

> > I have bought a Debian Linux before Christmas (a CD-ROM in the "Dream"
> > magazine) and I would like to have all the X11 features working
> > properly. So here is a brief description of my problem :
> > 
> > When "startx" is not launched, I can define with "gpm" a mouse on device
> > "/dev/mouse". In this case, a pointer appears on the screen and words
> > can be selected with the mouse. But when I launch "startx" using for
> > instance "fvwm2" the environment seems OK, but the pointer of the mouse
> > is strongly attracted to the lower left corner of the screen! It is
> > completely impossible to move the pointer of the mouse out of this corner.
> The first thing to try is to kill gpm (gpm -k) prior to launching startx.
> Although I personally havnen't had any difficulties between them, I
> understand that gpm and X don't always get along.

When gpm and X bite each other and fight over the mouse, there is a simple
solution available.

1. Stop X. Then, change this:
> > In the XF86Config file in the /etc/X11 directory, I have these lines :
> > Section "Pointer"
> >    Protocol        "Microsoft"
> >    Device          "/dev/mouse"
> >    BaudRate        1200
> >    Emulate3Timeout 50
> >    SampleRate      0
> > EndSection

To this:
Section "Pointer"
   Protocol        "MouseMan"
   Device          "/dev/gpmdata"
   BaudRate        1200
   Emulate3Timeout 50
   SampleRate      0

2. Create a fifo pipe under /dev .
# mkfifo /dev/gpmdata

3. Start gpm with the "-R" option. You can do this by adding this option
in /etc/gpm.conf, in a line like this (there should be one 'append' line):


and then:
# /etc/init.d/gpm stop
# /etc/init.d/gpm start

4. Start X.

Now, gpm will connect to the serial port and pretend that /dev/gpmdata is
also a mouse device. This also is a great solution if your mouse is
recognised by gpm but not by X, or if you have a PS/2 mouse.


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