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question about installation

hi, i'm trying to install your release 1.3 into my computer and i have
the following problem:
i downloaded the files from your server resc1440.bin, drv1440.bin,
base1_3.tgz, base-1.bin, base-2.bin, base-3.bin, base-4.bin, base-5.bin
and rawrite2.exe. I runned rawrite2 to copy the image files onto floppy
disks, and I try to start linux with resc1440.bin disk, but the system
hangup at the following line : md driver . . .
what can i do ???
i have a pentium 200 mmx with 64M ram, one scsi hard disk (quantum
fireball 4,5 gb) and a creative labs cdrom (24x), if you need more
details just ask me, i really need to install linux in my computer.

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