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Re: PLEASE, postmaster@debian.org, are you there?


1. Looking for a way to discuss the badmailfrom-list-problem I've
resubscribed the debian user list with my old uni accout.  Guess
what happened: I'm getting all posting twice now since a while (no

2. If postings are not permitted, the T-Online account is useless
with respect to debian.  So, this is a call for unsubscription.
But how does one unsubscribe a address listed in the badmailfrom
list?  (Sorry for the lengthy headers below).

3. T-Online runs a few local news groups, where just local topics
are discussed.  The Linux folks there are still a minority, but a
growing one.  Did I make something wrong when mentioning Debian as
the most mature and professional Linux distribution (IMHO) and
pointing to the debian homepage etc.?  The badmailfrom list
problem is going to give Debian a strange taste, if this sort of
protection will be permanent.

4. No, I'm not going to change my ISP tomorrow.

5. Assumption:
 When posting the first time from my uni account (in 1996 ?) I had
to reply an agreement with a few statements concerning spam and
netiquette etc, which was ok.  Wouldn't this be a more
professional solution than to just shield any posting from hosts
on the badmailfrom list?

6. What ISPs are on this black list today and which will problably
be tomorrow?  This could become of some interest to anyone.

7. Could someone please wake up the real postmaster (thanks,
Martin Schulze <joey@infodrom.north.de>, for your statements so
far) ?

8. Yes, I would be glad if this thread could be ended with a
positive answer.

 Thank you.
     Andreas Wehler.

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