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Re: Forcing xforms installation?

On Sun, 21 Dec 1997, Paolo M. Pumilia wrote:

> Hi all,
> I have recently removed xlib and installed xlib6_3.3.1-2.deb. that
> provides shared libraries required by libc5-based X clients and should
> replace elf-x11r6lib and xlib.
> As i try to install xforms0.86_0.86-2.deb, dpkg seems to check only if xlib
> can be found (that is not installed any more) and therefore complains: 
> > dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of xforms0.86:
> >  xforms0.86 depends on elf-x11r6lib; however:
> >   Package elf-x11r6lib is not installed.
> >   Package xlib which provides elf-x11r6lib is not installed.
> > dpkg: error processing xforms0.86 (--install):
> >  dependency problems - leaving unconfigured
> > Errors were encountered while processing:
> > xforms0.86
> should i force installation for xforms or does something is wrong in
> my procedure?

Yes, you can safely force the install, if elf-x11r6lib is the only thing
dpkg complains about. This used to be a virtual package provided by xlib6,
but it is now obsolete. New packages don't depend on it (e.g. all
libc6-based packages and some libc5-based ones), so you'll only encounter
this problem when you are installing packages that work with libc5. When
you make the upgrade to Debian 2.0 when it is released), your problem will
automatically disappear.


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