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Re: Internet Access With Debian

On Fri, 02 Jan 1998 10:31:37 EST, Carl Nasal wrote: 

> Basic Question:  How can I get Internet Access on my new Debian Linux
> machine so I can download packages via FTP right to my Linux machine?

This is how I was told to do it.  There are security implications for 
allowing regular users (in the dip group) permission to dial, such as 
long distance charges, so you may wish to refrain from that part until 
you decide:

(as root)
First edit your /etc/ppp.chatscript.  Just add the phone number, login, 
and possibly change ogin and word to work with whatever the prompts are 
you login to your isp.  The first part are cut off in case the prompts 
with a capital or are lost in transmission.

Now I recommend you chgrp dip ppp.chatscript ppp.options_out

Then edit /etc/group and add your self to the dial out and dip groups.  
you are at it you may want to add you self to a couple of other groups 
audio.  Without that audio will only work as root.

Now cd to /etc/ppp

I changed the group on all those files to dip and made sure the group 
had read
access on all of them but the pap.secrets file.  For good measure I 
also did
this on the /etc/ppp/ dir.

Now you edit /etc/ppp/pap.secrets and on the bottom line replace 
password with
your password.

Now in /etc/ppp/ you will see two scrips called ip-up and ip-down 
They are where you put any programs you want to run once your 
connection goes
up and once it goes down. < This is where you can put scripts you want 
to run at connect time. >

I think that last thing you need to do is make a few permission changes 

You may have to chgrp dip pppd and make sure the permissions look like 

-rwsrwsr--   1 root     dip         76072 Mar  1  1997 /usr/sbin/pppd

Especially note the group permissions.

Now I think that is it.  I have just told you how to get dial up 
work so you can dial into your isp and bring the connection up as a 

No all you have to do is type pon to bring it up and poff to bring it 

One more thing I almost forgot.  Make sure you either have a soft link 
/dev/ttyS1, or what ever your modem is to /dev/modem.  This will make 
your live
a little easier.  But if for some freakish reason you don't want to do 
this you
can just edit /etc/ppp.options_out and change any references to 
/dev/modem to


This assumse your modem is on com2.  Mine is on com1 (/dev/ttyS0).  To 
make a symlink (as root): "ln -s /dev/ttyS0 /dev/modem"  If you already 
have it, then you'll get an error message.

If you wish to implement the dip group, install the dip package *first*.

There are several gui's like xisp and ezppp which offer some nice 
features, if that's what you like.  Links to the homepages can be found 
in my homepage linux | apps | dialup networking , if your web search 
engine is down.  There's a debian xisp package, I don't know of an 
ezppp package, but it should be pretty easy to install manually.

Diald is nice, but I discovered that deciding on rules and being happy 
with them wasn't as easy as I'd anticipated.

***This is not intended to substitute for reading the net3 howto, which 
provides a wealth of information you'll need to know.***

You might want to confirm the wording of the login prompts your isp 
gives you if they're not the defaults (this might prevent you from 
logging in).

After you get this done, type dselect, choose the ftp access method, 
accept the defaults, and you should be ready to download the latest and 
greatest packages from ftp.debian.org automatically.
David Stern


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