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Hey every one... Happy new year... (467 mails on my account...)

And of course a question:   ;)

I´m trying to install debian on my computer, and all went well, but...

( It must be a "but" always... isn´t it? )

IN a little confused with the dselect program... I know is one of the
cool things about debian, and is very versatil...
But I didn´t  figure it out how to use it, so i install ALL THE SYSTEM

After the installation the configuration phase began and a lot of 
questions (well, not a lot...) where asked... but I dont know all the
answers... :)

The fact is the system installs well, includinf LILO (pretty cool 
utility), but to many thing dont work, for example vi dont work...
neither ae (an editor...). I nightmare....
The system was mounted ok, but it´s very misconfigured...



what is the minimun packages I must to intall to begin...
and when I be more confortable with the system I try to install the 

And a little help to deal with dselect would be very appreciated...


Jean Sagi

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