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Re: dselect

On Fri, 2 Jan 1998, Jesús Antonio Santgos Giraldo wrote:

> Hey every one... Happy new year... (467 mails on my account...)

Happy new year, too.

> IN a little confused with the dselect program... I know is one of the

  I was confused, too, when I see the dselect the first time. But you will
  get used to it.

> what is the minimun packages I must to intall to begin...

  I think, the first selection, that dselect does is not so bad.

> And a little help to deal with dselect would be very appreciated...

  You can find the complete dselect users guide at http://www.debian.org/
  but I just don't know where it is exactly.

I hope, you get you Debian box running soon.


Daniel Gross

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