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Re: delurk

On Thu, Jan 01, 1998 at 03:05:18PM -0700, dave mallery wrote:
> i have been lurking here for about a month and find this an amazing 
> list. 


> one simple question: is there any filter with some laserjet4 support 
> as far as point size and fonts in pcl??  am using magicfilter as was 
> suggested a few days ago. 

If your source document is text, 'enscript' has a -F option which lets
you pick a font.  If the source is already postscript, there might be
something in the 'psutils' package which will help (I did a quick look
and didn't find anything, but it "must" be there somewhere).  The fonts
themselves live in /usr/lib/ghostscript/fonts.

Sorry to be so vague, but I don't know enough about fonts to know which
sizes which fonts support, nor how to match fontnames to the files they
come from, so I haven't messed with resizing things, except to install
some Cyrillic fonts.

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