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Re: email configuration

On Thu, 01 Jan 1998 13:59:21 CST, Greg Norris wrote:
> I was wondering if anyone could help me with my email configuration
> (hopefully, I haven't missed anything TOO obvious).  I'm running a
> standalone machine with a dialup PPP account to my ISP, using
> smail/fetchmail to handle mail-delivery, and elm-me+ for my mail-reader.
> Local mail works great (not much point to it, since it's just me & my wife
> on the machine, but it does works).  Likewise, retrieving email from my ISP
> works flawlessly.
> My problem occurs when I send mail to my ISP.  The mail is sent OK, but it
> gets my local accountname (adric) filling out the FROM header, expanding it
> to adric@socketis.net - my actual address is haphazard@socketis.net.  I've
> looked through the documentation for smail & elm, and so far I have no idea
> how to force them to use my real email address for outgoing messages.
> I'd appreciate any and all advice you can give me.  Thanx!

Assuming you're using smail, I found Daniel Martin's smtprewrite method 
to work very well (if you're using sendmail, switch to smail).  It took 
me awhile to sort out everything, but this allows headers to be 
rewritten on a user by user basis for all outgoing mail, no matter the 
mail client.  Local mail is unaffected.

Daniel Martin's dialup config

Also, some mail clients have options for header rewriting as part of 
their configuration.

I once erroneously thought that masquerading as my isp hostname would 
take care of this because I never sent mail as root, until one day when 
I installed a software package and my isp received a report from 
root@my.isp.hostname regarding my new software installation.  Some 
administrators at my isp got involved and I was told in no uncertain 
terms to fix my email address.  So don't masquerade as your isp's 
hostname unless your isp subnets you and you have a static ip address, 
or have another good reason.

David Stern


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