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Re: Printing problem solved

> Even though it takes longer, I've gotten to the point where I want to 
> isolate individual issues whenever possible.  This aids me in learning, 
> maintaining and troubleshooting.  Of course, when things are fubar, 
> that's another story.

In principle, I agree.  When I'm really, really frustrated . . . .
> . . . DejaNews (http://www.dejanews.com) searches the 
> Debian List, so if you have a question which you think is likely to be 
> common (I'd imagine configuring a deskjet is somewhat common), you 
> might try searching the list archives there--Debian doesn't have their 
> own search engine. 

I did search DejaNews.  (There's a promise to have a search engine at
www.debian.org by now, but seemingly it got back-burnered.)  Lots of
articles, none very helpful.

> I've found the docs in /usr/doc/* to be real 
> helpful.

I have too, but in this case they were of zero value.

>  I often use Filerunner (fr) to seamlessly view zipped 
> documents and HOWTO's in X-windows, and I have a script from the 
> Tips-HOWTO to view them in console.

I rarely use X unless I have to, I'm a text-mode guy.  I used to use
zless to view them, now I've taken to use Midnight Commander.  It has
some weirdness to it (tagging files is not at all what I'm used to)
but it's very useful.
Carl Fink		carlf@dm.net
Manager, Dueling Modems Computer Forum

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