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dselect CDROM directory (was Re: Unidentified subject!)

>> I have a little problem with the installation of Debian Linux.
>> When I start dselect and go to the Access section, I can chose cdrom. My
>> drive spinns up and the dialog beginns. But now I could not chose the right
>> Directory. Evrytime I do so, dselect says Dir don´t exists. I have checked
>> ...
> Well, if it's one of the official CDs, using the directory name "/"
> should work.  (this will cause dselect to display stuff about
> directories that have two slashes, which looks ugly to me, but it
> works...)
> ...

Try saying "." (a single period) instead of "/" .  It has the same effect, but
avoids the ugly double slashes.

  David S. Zelinsky

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