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Re: setserial problems

On Tue, Dec 23, 1997 at 11:54:05AM -0500, Will Lowe wrote:
> I need to set ttyS3 to irq 10 to use my modem.  I've been doing this as
> setserial /dev/ttyS3 irq 10
> but this requires me to be root.  Wouldn't be a problem to set it once on
> boot with a root-owned script,  but after ttyS3 is used for a while (e.g.
> by pppd or minicom) it reverts to irq 3,  requiring me to setserial again.
> Is there any way to either set the irq permanently (hardcode it in
> someplace) or allow a normal user to setserial?  I've gotten around it in
> my pppd setup by writing a script which essentially does
> setserial /dev/ttyS3 irq 10
> pppd dial net
> but I'm leary of writing too many root-permissioned scripts to be executed
> in user space.  Of course,  if this isn't a security concern,  I could
> write one for minicom and everything else that uses the modem,  but that
> sounds kinda silly.
>                      					Will

Have you compiled serial support as a module?  If so, try having it loaded
from /etc/modules instead of letting kerneld load it on demand.  If
you have serial compiled into the kernel, just ignore me.

Adam Klein

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