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I've got a Canon BJ-200ex printer. Can I use it under LINUX?
I have used ghostscript 5.03 and magicfilter, but it doesn't working!

ghostscript_5.03-3_i386.deb (I've done it with alien)

This is my /etc/printcap file: (magicfilterconfig)

lp|bj|bj200|Canon BJ-200ex:\

I use this command:
	lpr debian-faq.ps

The /var/log/lpr.log contains this line
Dec 19 02:57:54 moslek lpd[7496]: lp: Daemon filter 'f' terminated (13)

The /var/log/lp-err contains this line
Can't find initialization file gs_init.ps

I think, I have to set GS_LIB and GS_FONTPATH.

Can anyone help?


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