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Re: Printing

Toth Laszlo <corleone@drama.obuda.kando.hu> writes:

> Hi!
> I've got a Canon BJ-200ex printer. Can I use it under LINUX?
> I have used ghostscript 5.03 and magicfilter, but it doesn't working!
> [some lines removed]
> The /var/log/lp-err contains this line
> Can't find initialization file gs_init.ps

The gs_init.ps file is essential for gs and probably not installed on
your system.  I have installed gs in /usr/lib/ghostscript/5.03 and the
gs_init.ps file is in this directory.  Please check this.

BTW: There is a binary gs-aladdin Debian package for libc5, its name is:


and should be on every Debian mirror (I retrieved it from


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