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Re: More fun with modules and 2.1.72 kernel

On Thu, Dec 18, 1997 at 12:02:45PM -0500, David Z. Maze wrote:
> Now, the problem I'm having is with the printer driver.  'lpr foo.ps'
> causes lpd to access /dev/lp0.  This loads the lp driver, which
> depends on parport.  parport loads parport_probe, which looks for
> parallel port devices.  It's rather unhappy because there are no
> parallel port drivers.  So I have to manually load parport_pc before I 
> can do anything else (actually, before I try to anything, otherwise
> the parport_probe and lp modules will hang).  So the dependency graph
> looks like
>                  lp
>                    \
>       parport_probe-+->parport
>                    /
>          parport_pc
> Is there any way to convince kerneld to load parport_pc before it
> loads lp, without overriding the default connection from char-major-6
> to lp?  I want both modules loaded, but in a specific order.

Try changing the lp dependency in /lib/modules/2.1.72/modules.dep
Something like:
/lib/modules/2.1.72/misc/parport_pc.o: /lib/modules/2.1.72/misc/parport.o
/lib/modules/2.1.72/misc/lp.o: /lib/modules/2.1.72/misc/parport_pc.o
should do it.

I suppose you have this right now:
/lib/modules/2.1.72/misc/lp.o: /lib/modules/2.1.72/misc/parport.o
*) Aria

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