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Re: Image & Sound

"Àlex Maneu" <mansoft@maptel.es> writes:

> -I want to put a picture as the background of X-Windows, or simply
> change the background color. Where is it specified? Which files must
> I edit?

Probably in ~/.xsession, i.e. the .xsession file in your home
directory.  Something like:

xsetbg /usr/src/linux/Documentation/logo.gif &
xterm &
fvwm2    # No "&" !

Alternatively, for just a colour: 

    cd; mkdir .fvwm2; echo steelblue > .fvwm2/background.color

and log in again.  This is a Debian feature.  Look in
/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/rgb.txt for the names.  Type "xsetroot -solid
peachpuff" to test them.

> -XV: I've been looking for this program, but I don't have it.
> I've been searching it in DSELECT, but I couldn't find it.
> Where is XV?

In non-free on the ftp site.  Easiest is probably to download the .deb
from the mirror dists/stable/non-free/binary-i386 (or wherever it is)
and run "dpkg -i xv..." on it as root.  Then read the copyright in
/usr/doc/xv to see *why* it's in non-free.

> [2  <text/html; us-ascii (7bit)>]

Is this really necessary?

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	    "As a concept, virtual reality seems to appeal
              to people who spend a lot of time indoors."  - Gregory Benford

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