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Re: now i've done it (serious help now)

> i get; 
> _X11 TransSocketUNIXConnect: Can't connect:errho=2
> what do i do to get into xwindows? 

Well, xf86config is not exactly the dream program to configure X.  I'd
install xserver-vga and xfnt-75 and use XF86Setup instead (it's a
graphical config, and yields much cleaner config files IMHO).  Try
reconfiguring, and try starting X again.

If you still can't do it, knowing what your video card is might help
us pinpoint the problem.

> also, i have booted into dos. running windows provides the blue screen: 
> Missing Vfat (or something)

Can't help here.  Best advice I've got: reinstall Windows.  That seems
to be the only way to solve Windows problem due to the lack of diagnostics
and system utilities for that operating environment.

> what am i supposed to do about x-windows? i think i will follow all the 
> suggestions i have had about partitioning, but would ust like to get int 
> o xwindows first if possible. also, what other experiences have you had 
> with other distributions such as redhat? 

For X, follow the above suggestions.

Be aware that if you repartition, you'll (obviously) have to redo the whole
thing (unless you manage not to touch the Linux parition).

As for other distribs, I've only used Slackware, and it was much more of
a pain than Debian.  But maybe you should ask that on newsgroups or other
lists rather than here ; understandably, we all think Debian is great. :)
(not that it isn't, of course)

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