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Re: now i've done it (serious help now)

> xstart

startx I presume.

> i get; 
> _X11 TransSocketUNIXConnect: Can't connect:errho=2
> what do i do to get into xwindows? 

Obviously you server is not configured properly, starts and immediately
dies. That's why it is not possible to connect to it.
The only way to configure it more or less painlessly is to install
xserver-vga16 package (and the pckages it depend on, like xfnt75) and
run XF86Setup utility. Make sure you know the type and port of the mouse
you use, chipset of the card, monitor frequencies. If there is something
you would like to look up during configuration, don't abort it, press
Ctrl-ALT-F2 to get to console, Alt-F7 will bring you back.

Let me know how it went.

> also, i have booted into dos. running windows provides the blue screen: 
> Missing Vfat (or something)

You need vfat support to be either compiled into kernel or be available
as a module. If you are using "stock" kernel, you should also install
kernel-modules (or something like that) package to get vfat module
(among others) or recompile the kernel yourself with whatever support you

> o xwindows first if possible. also, what other experiences have you had 
> with other distributions such as redhat? 

I guess you have to ask that on a different list :)

Alex Y.
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