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Re: Installing

Hi James Scheiderich; unless Mutt is confused, you wrote:
> 	Pro Audio Spectrum 16 with Scsi port
> 	Adaptec 2840 scsi controller
> Then it returnd this:
> 	scsi0: BRKADRINT error (0x1):
> 		Illegal Host Access
> 	Kernel Panic: scsi0: BRKADRINT, error 0x1,seadd 0x0
> 	In swapper task- not syncing

Hi --
I have the 2842 card in my system and I have to have my kernel disks
made specifically for the aic77** driver. It appears that the adaptec
cards just outright puke when encountered with any other SCSI driver.
So ever since ver 2.0.06 of the kernel, I *have* to boot of kernel
compiled *only* with the aic7*** support. And, sorry, but I still
haven't mastered the art of making my own boot floppies....

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