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now i've done it (serious help now)

AGH! okay all. i know this sounds terribly stupid, but as you all know,
i have next to no experience with Unix. Now i installed debian, and
let's say my partitions are completely messed up, i don't know how the
file system works etc. I need to read a book, but i seriously need help
to get out of this one. Okay, first of all, through the setup, what
exactly do i specify for the cdrom. Next, when i'm into my account and
it runs dselect, how do i get it to install x-windows etc. (i keep
getting the message: not a valid block) (i need SO much help). Now, i
can't even boot to anything except linux using the boot floppy. How
would i create a partition that would be named C:\ using a FAT16 or
FAT32 file system so i could restore windows95? aghh!! 

my intentions are: 
-Get back valid partitions, 3.1 gig hdd

-Run windows 95 (i have a product restore that copies only to a drive
labeled C:\)

-Run debian on another different partition with the x-windows interface,
and the others possibly

I know this list is so helpful, so somebody please help... 
sorry for all the trouble, once i read up, i'll be able to answer my own
thanks a lot, i'm on my old 286 right now

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