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RE: Unidentified subject!

I had a similiar problem when printing from Solaris.

There is a registry setting in 3.51 (sorry can't remember which one) that needs to be tweaked to allow incomming LPR jobs.

Have a look on Technet (or the MS Website) searching for LPR & NT

Once the registry is set printing is OK.

Alex Monaghan

From: 	mccorkle@pcisys.net[SMTP:mccorkle@pcisys.net]
Sent: 	14 December 1997 19:45
To: 	debian-user@alex.ftech.co.uk; Debian User Mailing List
Subject: 	Unidentified subject!

I have been trying, with no luck, to print to a printer shared from an
NT box. I was wondering if someone could make some suggestions. The
two machines involved, an NT (lager) box and a Debian Linux (stout)
box, are located on my LAN at home. Lager can get to shares on the
Stout via samba, with no problem. I can ping the Lager from Stout. The
actual lpr command goes fine, but it just sits there. When I check the
queue with lpq, it indicates lager is not up.

Can anyone help?

-- output of lpq

waiting for lager to come up
Rank   Owner      Job  Files                                 Total Size
1st    root       43   /etc//printcap                        559 bytes


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