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Re: Wow, and some questions

Alan Woo wrote:

> Hi,
> i was amazed at the help i got from you people at this list, i got a
> message about 20 minutes after i asked a question. That was amazing,
> thanks to all who helped. Anyways, things will hopefully soon be sorted
> out, and i will soon be a new linux user.
> I have very little knowledge of linux though, so i have a few questions.
> (i'm going to buy a book soon).
> 1) I am incredibly knowledgable in Win95/NT. will i be able to run both
> Operating Systems if i partition my hdd?

Yes.  You can have 2 partitions, one Win95, one Linux.

> 2) how do i install it (just a quick overview, i've read over the
> installation a lot, and it is really difficult to understand, for me...)

Check out:

> 3) i'm in! it's AMAZING (i'm assuming), how do i set up communications
> for a win95 compatible modem? Now that i have it, can i download a web
> browser for it from win95 then open it in linux? or is disk format
> totally different?
>         - if so, what do i do?

About the modem...   As long as the modem isn't a winmodem, you'll have no
problem.  If it is a winmodem, it won't work in Linux.  Debian automatically
detects your modem.

About the filesystem...  The two filesystems are totally different.  You can
still access your Win95 drive through Linux as long as the drive isn't
FAT32.  To do this, add the following to your /etc/fstab file:

/dev/your_hd_partition   /where_you_want_to_mount_it    msdos   defaults
0     0

> 4) What productivity software is available? (word processing etc)

Linux supports such products as: Word Perfect, StarOffice (office suite),
The GIMP (Photoshop like app), plenty of apps for spreadsheets, etc.

> Thanks so much all, have a great holiday season!
> Alan W

Aaron Walker

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