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kernel panic with Supermount!

Is anybody using Supermount v6 for the 2.0.32 kernel?  I recently
added the supermount patches to my 2.0.32 kernel and when I do a
system shutdown I get an occasional kernel panic when the
/etc/init.d/halt script is at the 'umount -a' line.  The system
hangs at that point and I have to hit the reset button.  When 
the system comes back up it complains of that the filesystem
wasn't cleanly unmounted. When it panic's I can still switch
to other VC's but Ctrl-Alt-Del won't work.

This is the error that is displayed on the console.

kernel panic: SUPERMOUNT panic (device 0/2): umount_subfs: subfs root\
 i_count = 788, should be 1

I really like the supermount patches but I can't have my filesystem
getting trashed on shutdown. (This is a dual boot machine that frequently
get rebooted between OS's)

Thanks for any help,

Mechanical Engineering				    servis@purdue.edu
Purdue University		    http://www.ecn.purdue.edu/~servis

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